Initial consultations are delivered on Zoom and are free of charge.

1:1 Voice Coaching

Whether it is a specific vocal health issue you are dealing with, or you require assistance with a speech you are about to make (or perhaps you just want to reconnect with voice work!) get in touch and we will discuss your needs at the outset and I will design a tailor-made series of exercises for you. All coaching sessions are available via Zoom as well as in person.

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Voice Production Support

A voice coach on your production can be invaluable! From practical voice queries to accents/dialects, I can support your actors’ voices so that you can concentrate on the business of putting the show together. I have worked on a multitude of productions ranging from solo shows to huge outdoor immersive experiences and from Shakespeare to intimate audio tours.

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Accent and Dialect Work

Does your Welsh accent become Indian in a matter of seconds? Is your Scottish indistinguishable from your Northern Irish? How about taking the time to learn a completely new accent? I will equip you with the tools to help you improve your accent by offering precise feedback on individual sounds and intonation patterns.

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I have several established workshops that I can deliver for you, your production or your business, and offer bespoke sessions if none of these suit. Just send me a message and we can discuss your requirements.

  • Linklater Voicework
  • Poetry and Text
  • Devising
  • Public Speaking
  • Voice in Immersive Theatre
  • Shakespeare

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Voiceover Artist

If you are looking for a reasonably priced voiceover artist for your business or company, look no further. I can guarantee a professional sound and quick turnaround (audio clips usually delivered within 24 hours). Please click here to listen to my voice reel.

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Jake was able to pass on his excellent understanding of the voice in a way that made sense to me and helped me to understand the issues I’d been experiencing. In understanding these issues, and being given the tools and exercises required to tackle them, I felt hugely empowered.

Sadie Clark

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