Voice, Speech & Accent Coach, Actor and Writer/Director


My fascination with voice started when I stepped on stage for the first time at the age of 16. Bitten by the acting bug, I was determined to pursue a career in acting. I eventually went on to train at The Oxford School of Drama on their Three Year course where I began my journey into discovering the mechanics and mysteries of voice with the rigorous Linklater Method. After graduating I co-founded theatre company 6FootStories with fellow graduate Nigel Munson and worked professionally as an actor ever since.

But my appreciation for and love of voice never went away, and alongside my acting work I began coaching people in practical voice, accents, and vocal health. Feeling a bit out of my depth, and with a strong desire to learn more in order to become a better practitioner, I soon embarked on the prestigious MA Voice Studies course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. It was the best thing I ever did. Since graduating I have gone on to provide voice support on professional productions, teach at a number of leading drama schools as well as coach private clients and groups.

Of course voice work is essential for performers, but I believe that it is beneficial for everyone because it is universal. Voice is universal because breath is universal. And at the heart of breath is you. Finding and reconnecting you to your voice is why I love doing what I do, why I feel so passionately about the field of voice.


Practical Voice


Accent “Softening”



Vocal Health

Recent Work History

Acting Tutor at The Oxford School of Drama
(2018 – Present)
I work with the incoming students on both the Three Year and One Year Courses, teaching Heightened Language and Self Poetry. I also teach Shakespeare and Devising on the Foundation Course.

Voice Tutor at Rose Bruford
(2019 – Present)
I teach voice on the BA European Theatre Arts course covering practical voice, vocal anatomy/health, text, and some accent work.

Voice Coach at Dank Parish/Boomtown
(2016 – Present)
Immersive theatre has become a prevalent artform in recent years. I am very proud to have seen and been a part of its installation and evolution at music festivals since 2012, and even more proud to have made it the subject of my research whilst writing my Masters dissertation: To what extent does voice work apply in the field of immersive theatre at music festivals, and how can the voice practitioner help in preventing and alleviating vocal loss in this setting? I look after the voices of the immersive theatre performers at the festival, advising on vocal health and delivering workshops and warm ups.