Having initially trained at The Oxford School of Drama, I have worked as a professional actor for the last eight years whilst also coaching clients in voice work. I hold an MA in Voice Studies from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I also run a theatre company called 6FootStories and have gone back to teach Acting and Voice at The Oxford School of Drama.

I believe that voice work can work wonders for everyone – not just those in the performance industries. There are a great deal of practices, techniques, exercises and methodologies within the field of voice, and I pride myself on using a combination in order to cater to an individual’s needs and learning style – different approaches for different people.

I draw a lot of my teaching from Kristin Linklater’s Freeing the Natural Voice, which I have been fully immersed in both at The Oxford School of Drama (2008-2011) and at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2017-2018). Other inspiration comes from the work and practices of Arthur Lessac, Cicely Berry, Barbara Houseman, F.M. Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Rudolf Laban to name but a few.

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